Fence Post Materials To Consider For Your Backyard Fence

17 June 2021
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Your fence panels may dictate the style, height, and solidity of your fence, but the posts are what give the fence its strength. When a storm blows through, strong fence posts can help keep your fence from collapsing. Here are some types of materials to consider for the posts of your next fence.

1. Wood

Wood fence posts are a classic option. These posts can stand up to a lot, and they look great. In addition, wood fence posts can be more affordable when compared to solid metal fence posts. Wood is also a natural material that's biodegradable. 

However, wood posts have their downsides. For example, they can be susceptible to damage from rot and insects. But taking good care of the fence can minimize the chances of any problems.

2. Galvanized Steel

Solid metal fence posts can offer a longer lifespan than wood fence posts. This can mean that even if you're installing a wood fence, you should consider using galvanized steel posts. Of course, galvanized steel posts can also work great for other types of fencing such as chain-link or wire fences.

3. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is a material that is often used for electric fence posts. These posts are often much thinner than a typical wood fence post, making them great for temporary fences. 

However, you can also find fences and fence posts made of fiberglass composites that look like more traditional wood fences. These products allow you to reap the benefits of fiberglass strength with the aesthetic you're looking for in a backyard fence.

4. Aluminum

One of the greatest qualities of aluminum is that it is strong yet lightweight. This can mean that aluminum posts are great for fences that need to be strong but may need to be moved later because they are easier to transport. Aluminum posts are also a good option for fences built in hard-to-reach areas.

Another great quality is that aluminum doesn't rust. Unlike a galvanized steel post, aluminum won't start to rust away after the outer layer is gone. For fence posts with minimal upkeep that will last long-term and not rust, aluminum can be a great option to consider. 

These are just some of the fence post materials you should know about. For more information on the best types of fence posts to use with the fencing materials you're considering, get in touch with a fencing contractor near you.