Neighbors Live Too Close? Install a Vinyl Privacy Fence

17 November 2022
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If you have neighbors that live too close to you, one thing you can do is install a vinyl privacy fence. Below are three benefits of choosing vinyl for your privacy fence. Different Styles Privacy fencing is solid vinyl boards, but you can choose to have different types of top rails. You could choose top rails that look interesting, such as in spikes or different designs. This can make the privacy fence look beautiful but still allow you to have the privacy you need. Read More 

3 Benefits You Stand To Gain From Vinyl Fence Installation

14 October 2022
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Homeowners prefer putting up a fence around their properties to deter trespassers and keep unwanted animals off their yards. In simpler terms, fencing is popular because it adds more security and privacy and increases the property's curb appeal. So, if you are looking into fencing your plot or re-doing it, you can consider a vinyl fence installation. Vinyl fencing material is an excellent alternative to metal or wood fences because they hold up well, are cost-effective and durable, require zero to low maintenance, and come in various styles. Read More 

Debating Between A Cedar Or Vinyl Fence? Know The Key Differences

30 September 2022
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One thing that many people debate when getting a new fence is what kind of material they should get. Two popular materials are cedar and vinyl, with them both having their own advantages. Here are a few key things you need to know about these two fencing materials before you make any decision.  Price When looking at the price of a cedar fence and a vinyl fence, you must look at the total cost of installing both fences. Read More 

4 Reasons To Install A Short Fence In Your Backyard

26 September 2022
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Not having a backyard fence can blur the lines between neighboring properties and your own. Fortunately, an easy solution is to install a perimeter fence along your property lines. This setup will eliminate confusion and show you exactly how much space you have in your backyard. Some homeowners may opt to install a tall fence for maximum privacy. But learning about the major benefits of a short fence may encourage you to go with this option instead. Read More 

5 Commercial Fencing Options For Your Business

23 August 2022
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There are various fence options suitable for commercial purposes. The type you choose depends on your budget and style needs, as well as the amount of maintenance you are willing to commit to.  1. Chainlink When budget is at the top of the list, chainlink may be the answer. Chainlink fences look good and last decades without the need for any maintenance. You can find them in varying heights to meet your needs. Read More