5 Commercial Fencing Options For Your Business

23 August 2022
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There are various fence options suitable for commercial purposes. The type you choose depends on your budget and style needs, as well as the amount of maintenance you are willing to commit to. 

1. Chainlink

When budget is at the top of the list, chainlink may be the answer. Chainlink fences look good and last decades without the need for any maintenance. You can find them in varying heights to meet your needs. Security additions, like razor wire or roll bar tops, are an option, as are coated fences in a range of custom colors. The low cost and easy installation make a chainlink a good choice if you must fence in a large business campus.

2. Vinyl

Vinyl is most often associated with residential yards, but it can be suitable for some commercial lots. If you want a low-maintenance but attractive fence that provides privacy, vinyl is the way to go. It comes in a range of colors, heights, and styles. It's well suited for use around multi-family rental buildings or small outside business yards, such as at daycares or garden centers.

3. Wrought Iron

For classic good looks and lifelong durability, opt for wrought iron. Just keep in mind that it will need some maintenance to maintain its finish and prevent rust. Wrought iron is often used for security fences when a classy appearance is needed, such as on the entrance side of a gated business campus or around the perimeter where the property lines must be fenced.

4. Aluminum

If the upkeep of wrought iron must be avoided, or if you require a more budget-conscious option for a large fence, aluminum may be the answer. Although aluminum fencing comes in many styles, those that mimic traditional wrought iron tend to be the most popular. Aluminum fencing is durable and low maintenance. It can be built to suit your needs when it comes to height, design, and color. Lightweight aluminum also works well for automatic gates.

5. Wood

Wood isn't used for commercial purposes as often as other fencing types because it is the shortest-lived and highest maintenance option. When it is used, it's generally because it is low cost and provides optimum privacy, such as around work yards or to fence off service areas from public view. Opt for treated wood fences to minimize rot, and make sure the fence is kept painted or sealed. 

Contact a commercial fence contractor to learn more about these options.