4 Reasons To Install A Short Fence In Your Backyard

26 September 2022
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Not having a backyard fence can blur the lines between neighboring properties and your own. Fortunately, an easy solution is to install a perimeter fence along your property lines. This setup will eliminate confusion and show you exactly how much space you have in your backyard.

Some homeowners may opt to install a tall fence for maximum privacy. But learning about the major benefits of a short fence may encourage you to go with this option instead.


After living in the house for a while, you may build great relationships with your neighbors. So, you might not want to block them out by adding a tall fence. Going with a short fence still allows for easy communication when your neighbors are also in their own backyard. Another benefit is being able to watch over each other's property to maximize safety and security.


A tall fence may not stop your family from getting an excellent view from the second floor of a multistory home. However, living in a one-story home means that a tall fence may block outside views. When you live in a beautiful neighborhood or have lovely nature outside property lines, you can install a short fence and still enjoy these views from your home or yard.


Owning a medium or large dog makes it worth considering a tall fence because you can prevent them from getting over easily. However, you might own a small dog and only plan on having small breeds for as long as you are living in the home. This makes it possible to put up a small fence with confidence because you know that they cannot get over and escape.

One way to gain more peace of mind is to add coyote rollers along the top of the fence. This feature will make it harder for animals to get in and for your own pets to escape. 


Installing a short fence gives you the freedom to add more privacy later. On the other hand, a tall fence may require you to replace it with a new one to reduce privacy measures. Going short makes it easy to add hedges if you want to boost privacy in a specific area. The combination of a fence and hedging will provide reliable protection, sound blockage, and privacy.

When you find these benefits worthwhile, you can look forward to hiring a residential fencing contractor to install a short fence around your backyard. For more information about fence installation, contact a local company.