Debating Between A Cedar Or Vinyl Fence? Know The Key Differences

30 September 2022
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One thing that many people debate when getting a new fence is what kind of material they should get. Two popular materials are cedar and vinyl, with them both having their own advantages. Here are a few key things you need to know about these two fencing materials before you make any decision. 


When looking at the price of a cedar fence and a vinyl fence, you must look at the total cost of installing both fences. A cedar fence may look similar in price to a vinyl fence, but know that the price of cedar does not include the stain. You are likely going to want to stain and seal that wood within the first year, which will add on to the total cost of the installation. Vinyl fences do not have this need, since what you install is what you get. 


A vinyl fence is going to have an incredibly long lifespan since the material does not simply deteriorate over time and cause the need to get a new fence. As long as you take care of the fence and there are no accidents, a vinyl fence can potentially last a lifetime. 

Cedar fences are not so similar since they are made out of wood that does decay over time. The decay will happen faster if you neglect to seal the wood over the years and it is exposed to the elements. It is likely that you'll need to replace a cedar fence at some point, or it will start to look bad enough that you want to replace it.


Vinyl fencing is a material that is relatively maintenance free. All you need to do is wash the dirt off the fence when it gets dirty, which is purely an aesthetic need rather than a maintenance need. Cedar fencing does require those coats of sealant to keep the water out, which is expensive and time consuming.


Even though it may seem like a vinyl fence is the better choice based on the previous aspects, some people still select cedar because of its beauty. You simply cannot beat the look of a wood fence surrounding your yard with all the other elements of nature. Wood fencing looks natural, and you can't replicate it with a vinyl material. Even though a cedar fence may cost more and require more maintenance, the look may be the only thing that matters to you in the end. 

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