Options For A New Vinyl Fence And How To Install And Care For It

28 June 2021
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If your old wood fence is wobbly, broken in places, and rotting away, talk to a vinyl fence company about switching to a vinyl fence. A vinyl fence is easier to care for and it doesn't deteriorate as fast as wood. Here are some options in vinyl privacy fencing and a look at how this type of fence is installed.

Options In Vinyl Privacy Fences

The vinyl fencing company can show you various options for how you want your fence to look. While most of a privacy fence is made of pickets placed next to each other so no one can see between them, you still have choices in how the top of your fence looks. You might want decorative lattice or spindles along the top of the panels. You can also choose different styles of post caps for the fence.

Vinyl fences come in different colors too. Many are natural earth colors such as tan, brown, and gray. The panels can be smooth or textured. A textured fence with a brown color could look like a wood fence.

White is also a popular color for vinyl fences. You may like how white brightens your lawn and complements your home. With all the choices, you're sure to find a vinyl fence that complements your home and property.

Installation Steps For A Vinyl Fence

Once your old fence has been removed and utility lines have been marked, the vinyl fence company can begin the installation. First, they lay out the fence line and determine where the posts will be placed. Holes are dug for the posts and gravel is added in the holes for drainage.

The vinyl fence company will probably fill the post hole with cement rather than pack in the dirt because cement will hold the posts more securely. Once the cement is in, the installer checks that the posts are level and straight so they can be adjusted before the cement cures.

Once the cement has hardened, the bottom rail is inserted into the posts. Next, the pickets are set in the bottom rail and topped with the top rail. The rails lock the pickets in place so they stay close together. The post caps are put on and the installers move to the next panel section and repeat the process.

Care Instructions For Your New Fence

When you buy your new fence, be sure the vinyl fence company gives you care instructions so you can keep the fence attractive. White fencing may show stains, so you may need to clean it with the vinyl cleaner to get rid of grass stains or dirt. Since vinyl doesn't decay, you shouldn't need to make too many repairs to your fence. Your main job will be to keep it clean by washing it regularly and keeping plant growth away from it.