How To Decide On The Right Fencing For Your Backyard

6 August 2021
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Choosing a fence for your yard can be a little challenging since there are a few different choices. Plus, your fence should last for several years and you'll have to look at it daily for a long time, so you want something you like. Here are a few things to consider and compare when you're trying to decide on the right type of fence to have installed.

If You Want Privacy

Start with deciding if you want privacy in your backyard. If so, you may want a vinyl privacy fence or a privacy fence made from wood. These are two popular choices when privacy is important or when you just want to block the view of what's on the other side of your fence.

If you don't want privacy, you could still choose vinyl or wood, but instead of a privacy fence, your installer could put in a picket fence. Other options that allow you to see through the fence include aluminum fencing, chain link fences, and vinyl-wrapped chain link.

If You Don't Want To Maintain The Fence

All fences need at least minimal care, but some fences need more care than others. If you don't want the bother of painting or staining the fence occasionally, then you probably don't want a wood fence. Chain link fences usually don't need much care, except you need to be careful to pull out weeds and vines that wind through them.

Vinyl and aluminum fencing are practically maintenance-free, so you might want to consider these options if you want to have the fence installed and forget about it.

When You Want Something Natural

If you don't like the look of a vinyl fence, then you may prefer the natural look of wood. However, you may prefer to avoid a fence made from pressure-treated lumber if you want an all-natural fence that hasn't been treated with chemicals. You could choose cedar or redwood fencing instead. Cedar and redwood resist rotting and insects naturally. Plus, they have a beautiful color and grain.

When You Want Decorative Fencing

Most types of fencing can be dressed up with lattice tops or post caps, but when you want ornamental fencing, you might want aluminum or wrought iron. These materials can be made into artistic shapes so they give your property an attractive and upscale appearance. Aluminum ornamental fencing is more affordable than wrought iron and it needs less maintenance.

If Security Is Your Main Concern

If you're looking for a fence to improve home security, you might like a metal fence. You could choose chain link fencing or a wrought iron fence. An iron fence is thick and durable. Plus, it can be topped with spikes that make it difficult to climb over. A chain-link fence makes a good security fence too. However, you'll want a high fence that isn't easy to climb. Also, choose mesh with small holes that can't be used as footholds for climbing the fence.

For more information, contact a fencing contractor.