Things To Consider For Front And Backyard Fencing

16 November 2021
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Looking for a fence for the front yard often comes with different criteria than what you will look for when you are planning on fencing in the backyard. You can learn about some things you may want to consider for the fencing for the front or the backyard here. 

Considerations for front yard fencing

When you are fencing in the front yard, you want a fence that adds to the overall curb appeal of your home, Once the fence is in place, it will be the first thing people see when they are driving up to your home. 

Unless you have concerns that lead you to want a solid privacy fence around the front yard, you may find that a fence you can see through will work best. It will make your home feel more inviting to guests as they pull up. A fence with a more open design also allows you to enjoy seeing the neighborhood around you when you are relaxing in the front yard. With a solid fence in place, you would only have your yard and the fence to look at. 

The fence in the front yard should be decorative. Many people opt for a picket fence. You can have a tall picket fence installed, which helps with things like keeping kids and dogs in the yard, while also looking decorative. Many choose wrought iron or aluminum fencing that offers many customizable options and also offers security features. Wood fences can be installed with a staggered design. This gives you a decorative fence that offers some privacy while allowing you to partially see through the slats. 

Considerations for backyard fencing

If you are thinking about fencing in your backyard, then your reasons may be to create a safe play space for the kids, to keep the dogs in the yard, and to give your family privacy when you are in the yard. 

The backyard fence can be fairly tall, so it helps keep people from trespassing. It can be solid to give you the privacy you seek, to make it more secure, and to help prevent the dogs from barking at any movements beyond your yard. 

You can choose any type of solid fencing you feel will go well with your home and landscape and do the jobs you want it to do. Wood, brick, stone, stucco, and even chain link fencing can work. You can turn a chain link fence into a privacy one with the addition of bamboo panels, which can be a good choice for those who are carefully watching their finances.

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