Installing A Privacy Fence On Your Property

29 November 2021
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A privacy fence can be an upgrade that your property may need if you live in a populated area or if you are wanting to keep your pets and children contained in your home. While you have likely seen countless fences during your life, you may not have given much thought to the process that is involved with installing one of these systems on your property.

Consider The Maximum Height That Your Community Allows For Fencing

Every community will have rules concerning the height that fences are allowed to be. Exceeding the height limit for your community can lead to citations for the fence and an order to have it removed. Saving yourself from these hassles will be easy if you spend a few moments reviewing these requirements for your community. When you are consulting fence requirements, you should review all of the applicable rules for your property. It is often the case that the county, city, and homeowner's association will have slightly different rules concerning how tall your fence is able to be.

Decide Between Wood Or Vinyl For Your Privacy Fence

Wood and vinyl are popular materials for use with privacy fencing due to their durability and affordability. Additionally, there are a number of aesthetic options that are available to those looking to use these materials. When you are deciding on the material that will be the best for your property, there are a couple of factors that you should give special attention to. For example, the amount of maintenance that you are wanting to do on the fence is one of the biggest considerations for you to weigh. A vinyl fencing system will require almost no maintenance work from the homeowner in order to continue looking good. However, wood fencing will need to be periodically sealed in order to protect it from rotting.

Ensure The New Fence Is Installed Correctly

Improper installation can be an issue that may drastically shorten the lifespan of your property's fence. More specifically, there may be a higher likelihood that the fence will tip and fall over. Hiring a professional privacy fence contractor will ensure that your fence is properly installed and anchored. For example, these providers may be able to use cement or other heavy anchors to hold the fence posts in place. While this will be more expensive than installing the fence yourself, it will allow you to avoid the extensive amount of labor that is involved with fence installations and have confidence that the new fence will be able to last for many years.

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