Keep Discolorations Away From Your Vinyl Fence

31 January 2022
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Vinyl is a cost-effective, long-term fencing solution. However, while vinyl is durable, this does not mean that upkeep is not required. Particularly when it comes to avoiding discoloration, there are some things all fence owners should do.

Choose Quality

One of the best ways homeowners can avoid yellow stains on their fencing is to choose a high-quality vinyl fence. While low-quality options typically come with a smaller price tag, they also come with more problems. One of these problems is a reduced ability to prevent sun damage. 

Over time, as the sun hits the low-quality vinyl fences, it will cause a yellow cast to form on the fence surface. Unfortunately, once this type of staining occurs, there is often nothing that can be done to eliminate it. Keep in mind that the saturation of the yellow will get deeper with time, which will make it even more of an eyesore.

Consider the Environment

Homeowners should always be mindful of the environment in which their home is located, as certain areas make the vinyl more prone to staining. For instance, if you live in a community with hard water, you want to clean your fence regularly. If the mineral-rich water remains on the vinyl for too long, it can alter its color.

The same is true for areas that are prone to high humidity levels, as the excess moisture in the area can cause mildew to form on the fence. If the mildew remains, even after removing it, brown or green stains may be left behind. Always clean the fence based on the concerns that come along with where you live.

A New Installation

An effort on your part to maintain the fence will go a long way, but it is important to note that, sometimes, replacing the fence is the better solution. For example, if your fence has deep yellow stains and it is on the older side, instead of trying to paint over the stains, it may be better to simply have the fence replaced with a higher-quality one. 

This problem is especially common if the fence was designed with poor UV-blocking qualities. Additionally, if your fence is older, there are likely vinyl fencing styles available today that were not available when you originally had the fence installed. So, be sure not to overlook a new fence as an option.

If you need further assistance with maintaining your vinyl fence or need a new installation, contact a vinyl fencing professional for help.