Advantages Of Vinyl Privacy Fencing System

9 August 2022
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A vinyl fence is made from PVC plastic which gives it its qualities like beautiful aesthetics. The fence can be an excellent investment if well maintained. For instance, you can clean the material using a garden hose every month or two. This measure will help get rid of any dirt that has collected on the unit, especially dust.

If you let the fence stay for too long without washing, it may have stubborn dirty spots. You can use a gentle cleanser with a cloth to eliminate the defects. 

This article will discuss the advantages of having a vinyl fencing system.


Vinyl fencing may cost a little more than wood. But the latter's maintenance over time makes vinyl a cheaper option. Also, vinyl is more affordable than other fencing materials like ornamental and wrought iron.

Moreover, you can find cheaper vinyl versions if you want a good fence without being too concerned about quality. Most vinyl fences in residential areas are more inexpensive than the high-grade material used in commercial settings. The cheaper vinyl is thinner and hollow. Also, manufacturers add lower amounts of UV light inhibitors and impact modifiers to the lower-grade vinyl. Hence, the material will be less durable and resistant to UV rays.

However, the cheaper low-grade vinyl is still a good option for residential fencing. You will still get value for your money.


Compared to aluminum or iron fencing, vinyl offers more privacy. You can purchase vinyl material with closed stacked slats that won't allow curious on-lookers and passers-by to peak into your property. If privacy isn't your concern, you can choose vinyl with more spaces between the slats. This option is great for customization. 

You can install material with more privacy for your main fence and one with less privacy for other fence structures inside your home. The latter can protect and help monitor your kids and pets in areas like the pool.

Durability and Flexibility

Unlike wood, vinyl is resistant to the elements. The material doesn't rot or get affected by pests or fungus. For instance, termites can destroy a wood fence and force you to replace some parts of the unit. If you have a vinyl fence, this problem won't be an issue. 

Vinyl is also stronger than wood. Hence, it can last for longer. Vinyl will be a great fencing option if you live in an area with strong winds. Apart from being robust, vinyl is quite flexible. The material will flex instead of breaking if strong winds hit it.

Reach out to a fence company near you for more information.