Why Wood Fence Installation May Be Best For Your Needs

11 May 2023
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Are you planning on getting a fence for your residential property? If so, then you'll want to make the best decision when it comes to the fence you choose to have installed. With so many types, it can be more complicated than you may expect to determine what type of fence you want. However, you should consider a wood fence due to the many benefits it can offer. You'll be able to read about some of those benefits in this article. This can make your decision easier and increase the chances of you being happy with your fence for years to come.

Aesthetic Appeal

The look of the fence is critical, especially if you're planning on getting a fence for the front yard, which is a highly visible area. There are many great-looking fences on the market. However, wood fences bring that natural look with them that others can't compete with. 

Natural wood fences can add charm, warmth, and character to the yard. They can have custom gates made of other materials, such as wrought iron. This allows you to create an even fancier look for the entrance and driveway areas. 

Variety and Versatility

Wood fences can be used as privacy fences, security fences, decorative fences, and many other types of fences. They come in many colors, grains, textures, shapes, and sizes. 

You can choose a solid wood fence, a picket fence, a privacy scalloped fence, a split rail fence, or one of the many other types. You can also choose from many tops, such as dogeared, French Gothic picket, privacy arched, privacy lattice, and more. 

You can also have your wood fence customized, which allows you to choose specific things you want for the fence you have installed that are unique. For example, you can have a wood fence installed that includes other materials, such as brick or wrought iron. You can stain wood fences in different shades or paint them as well. 


When you have a wood fence installed, you'll get a fence that can last for many years. With the proper care, the fence will remain strong and handle the elements well. 

Maintenance for wood fences is easy and involves having them sealed according to the recommendations you receive when the fence is installed. A properly cared for wood fence can continue to look great and remain intact for decades. 


There are many types of wood and styles to choose from that allow you to work within your budget and have a great fence.

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